4 Top Benefits of Vitamin C for Your Skin Health

You already know that vitamin C is good for you internally. It’s present in a lot of the foods we eat, as well as many health supplements. It’s responsible for the formation of blood vessels, cartilage, muscle and collagen in bones. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant and an important building block for skin health that helps protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that you produce naturally through metabolic processes, and are exposed to through UV light from the sun and environmental stressors such as pollution. Vitamin C has even been shown to be effective in helping skin protect and repair itself when applied topically. Continue reading to discover the 4 top benefits of vitamin C for your skin health.

Vitamin C is Hydrating

In a 2013 study, researchers found that vitamin C in serum form had a hydrating effect on skin and helped to reduce transepidermal water loss. Healthy, hydrated skin contains high amounts of vitamin C, and we know the substance is absorbed well through the skin.

Vitamin C is Brightening

You want to look your most radiant, we all do. Luckily, vitamin C is brightening and can even help reduce pigmentation in your skin. It also smooths and reduces dullness and redness. A 2017 review showed that topical vitamin C application blocks melanin production, which is the pigment responsible for skin color. It can help fade dark spots and provides a brightening glow at the same time. Vitamin C works to reduce redness because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties that soothe affected skin.

Vitamin C Can Reduce Under-Eye Circles

Have you ever been told you look tired? Because of its ability to reduce discoloration, vitamin C has been shown to reduce under eye circles and even provides a slight plumping effect that visibly corrects those under-eye bags associated with sleeplessness, stress, and aging. Vitamin C also helps to promote collagen production in your skin, which affects the skin’s elasticity and firmness. This can lead to significant reduction in sagging skin under the eyes allowing you to always look your most rested.

Vitamin C Protects Against Sun Damage

It’s impossible to avoid some sun exposure, and besides, it feels nice to soak up the rays sometimes. Unfortunately, exposure to stress through oxidants in environmental pollution and UV light from the sun damages skin over time. Excess skin aging is associated with depleted amounts of vitamin C in the skin and topical application has been shown to improve skin condition and protect against further damage. Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants that combat free radicals, which are the cause of skin aging. A free radical is a molecule that is missing an electron, and vitamin C, being rich in antioxidants, is able to give a spare electron to these free radicals, neutralizing their potential to do harm.

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