Bakuchiol: The Plant Based Retinol Alternative

Retinol has been used in skincare products for years. It’s derived from Vitamin A, and it contains properties that are suitable for the skin. It’s known to help with aging, acne breakouts and sun damage on the skin; however, it also leaves the skin with dryness and irritation. Some experts believe that it may also make our skin more sensitive to the sun, which sounds like a nightmare to everyone that consciously takes care of their skin.

Thankfully, there is now a new plant-based alternative to retinol that is richer in its properties and does not leave the skin dry or irritated at all. Known by the name of Bakuchiol, it is perfect for sensitive skin and works well on all skin types.

What is it?

Bakuchiol is an extract taken from the leaves and seeds of an herb called the babchi plant. It is commonly used in South Asian medicinal practices and treatments as it is known to calm, heal and soothe the skin. The properties incorporated in this ingredient are incredible; it is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and 100% plant based. While it helps the skin flourish better than ever, using this ingredient in skincare products also helps the environment all over the world.

Benefits of Bakuchiol

The list of perks for using this natural ingredient is a long one. Alongside its anti-aging properties, Bakuchiol is also best known for evening out skin tone, reducing wrinkles and speeding up skin cell regeneration.

In a study conducted in 2019, the advantages of Bakuchiol became more apparent. People that used this natural ingredient experienced its positive properties the same way retinol users experienced theirs; however, retinol users did experience more skin dryness and stinging. While this ingredient is something we are still learning about as time progresses, other studies have also confirmed improvement in wrinkles, firmness, pigmentation and elasticity upon using Bakuchiol as a replacement for retinol.

How To Use It

As of right now, the best way to use this ingredient would be as a serum or a lotion. Since Bakuchiol is still very new to the skincare world, more ways of using it will unwind as we learn more about the plant-based element. This alternative already has proven to have zero side effects, and it is safe to mix with any other skincare ingredient. There are precisely no downsides to using Bakuchiol in skincare routines and as this information becomes more common, the more we will start seeing this ingredient in skincare products in the future.

Retinol is known for adding to the skin-damage if not used properly, whereas Bakuchiol is recognized for healing that very same damage. Unlike retinol, Bakuchiol has proven to hydrate and nurture the human skin without causing redness and irritation on the surface, as its rich properties are those that soothe and rejuvenate the skin. If you have sensitive skin and are struggling with the current products on the market, then Bakuchiol is a great place for you to start again.

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