Skinblossom: Where K-Beauty Meets B-Beauty

In Korea, cosmetics have always been associated with making your skin good, and then glorifying it for the world to see. Having natural, healthy, soft skin has always been considered to be the most beautiful presentation because it represents traits that are important to Korean culture, such as modesty and prudence.

Brazilian beauty isn’t all that different from Korean standards. Cleanliness is a must, including well-manicured nails, depilating any body parts that may be exposed and glowing skin. When it comes to skincare, Brazilian beauty treatments are of extremely high quality. They often include ingredients found in super fruits located in the Brazilian Amazon. Particularly the maracuja and guarana fruits.

What Is Maracuja?

The maracuja plant is found deep in the lush green Brazilian rainforest. You may have heard of the maracuja fruit by its other name: passion fruit. The sweet and tangy fruit and the beautiful white and purple flower it grows from are both native to Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. The maracuja seed oil extracted for use in our serum comes from the seeds found in the plant.

How Does Maracuja Extract Benefit Your Skin?

Maracuja extract contains many ingredients you might find in popular skincare products. It is rich in Vitamin C, to help brighten the skin’s appearance and promote collagen production. Linoleic acid found in maracuja extract works to lock in moisture to keep your skin hydrated, plump and protects the skin barrier. Linoleic acid absorbs easily and works wonders on oily skin that’s prone to acne breakouts.

It’s also rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that works hard to battle the effects of environmental damage on the skin. Sources of environmental damage include UV rays, smoke, pollution, and whatever else may be in the air around you at the time. Environmental damage is a prime contributor to premature aging of the skin.

How B-Beauty Meets K-Beauty

Both Brazilian and Korean beauty standards rely on the use of high quality and effective natural ingredients that truly help your skin reach the peak of its potential. Our beauty isn’t about applying layer after layer of thick foundation to cover blemishes, but to eliminate the blemishes themselves and let the inner glow of your healthy, plump, fresh-looking skin shine through.

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