Your Fall Skincare Routine

Fall is the best time to revitalize and renew your skin after a hot sticky summer. If you live someplace that’s warm all year round, consider yourself lucky. Those who live in places with yearly winter weather have to contend with dry air, bone-chilling cold, freezing wind, and more.

Read on to discover a few skin-revitalizing tips that can help serve as a basis for your own personal fall skincare routine.


Dry fall weather can keep dead skin cells from fully detaching from your face, causing them to build up and lead to blemishes. The best way to exfoliate is with a gentle exfoliating scrub. Make sure not to rub too hard or use anything too harsh on your skin.


If you want your hydrating products to work to their full potential, you have to give them something to work with. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Your organs need water in order to function properly and your skin is the largest organ you have. Aside from staying hydrated, switch to a powerful serum. Skinblossom's Maracujá Glow Potion is made with 15 percent vitamin C, brightens, smooths, and detoxifies your skin while providing age-defying benefits and protecting you from skin damaging UV light and pollution. To experience the incredible benefits of vitamin C for your skin, apply 1 pump of Maracujá Glow Potion evenly onto a clean face and neck once daily or on alternate days and let your skin blossom.

Wear Sunscreen

The sun is the number one cause of premature aging and skin damage even in the fall. You might be able to get away with avoiding sunscreen in winter by staying inside, but if you plan to be outdoors, it’s time to upgrade that SPF. If you intend to get a lot of sun during the summer, shoot for something with a high SPF rating – at least over 35 – and make sure it offers broad-spectrum protection.

Quality Matters

As the weather changes you can add or remove items from your routine as needed. Take advantage of our high-quality ingredients to nourish and heal your skin by incorporating Maracujá Glow Potion into your daily routine.

Our product is designed with you in mind. Every Skinblossom product is infused with high quality ingredients, including Superfruits found in the Brazilian Amazon as well as popular and effective ingredients found in K-Beauty skincare, that will work double duty to give your skin everything it needs to glow. A unique combination of ingredients is used to increase the potency and effectiveness, so you can treat your skin to a luxurious formula you won't find anywhere else.