About Us

Skinblossom® is a new indie skincare brand founded by mother & daughter aestheticians, passionate about everything skincare. We create high-quality skincare products with unique combinations of the most effective and popular ingredients that work together to help you achieve visible results, for skin concerns such as anti-aging, acne, uneven skin tone & texture.

We are a PETA-certified cruelty-free company. This reflects not only on our love and commitment with our furry friends but also with the whole environment. Our products are infused with natural & safe synthetic skin-loving ingredients, including super fruits originated from the Brazilian Amazon.

Our Brazilian background gives us the knowledge and passion for these superfruits, which are powerful antioxidants and provide amazing skin benefits. We focus on quality, efficacy, self-love, self-care, kindness & positivity.

Our Mission

Quality. Positivity. Self-care. Self-love. Our mission is to make you and your skin happy and healthy with our unique and luxurious formulas, wrapped in beautiful packaging.

We understand that not all skin is equal. Some skincare products will do wonders to one person but nothing to another, and it can become a real challenge to find a product that is right for you. For that reason, we decided to formulate unique blends of effective and popular skin-loving ingredients that help target several skin conditions & imperfections such as brightening, smoothing, firming, and purifying the skin. Our formulas also focus on preventing and protecting the skin from premature aging, hyperpigmentation and keep acne breakouts under control.

We formulate with only high-quality, safe synthetic skin-loving ingredients while also opting for natural alternatives. We believe that creates great balance between both elements by complementing each other, making the formulas more potent and effective.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create ethical skincare products with unique combinations of effective and popular ingredients that work together to help you achieve visible results that you deserve and your skin will love.

Our Promise

We are proud to ensure quality, safety, efficacy and aesthetics in all of our products.

Our Story - Meet The Founders

Skinblossom® is a mother-daughter team. Let us tell you the story behind the company and founders, Nathalie (pictured on the left) and Maria (pictured on the right).

Nathalie was born in Geneva, Switzerland and was raised in USA and Brazil. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry from Brazil and is a US licensed aesthetician. Maria was born and raised in Brazil and is a licensed aesthetician and cosmetologist here in the US. Both Nathalie and Maria are fluent in English, French and Portuguese.


Nathalie had just graduated from dental school in Brazil and was now living in the United States. Since her degree wasn’t valid in the US, she was planning on continuing her education in dentistry to validate it by going through school again.

She soon realized that she wasn’t passionate enough, so she started working as a dental assistant while trying to figure out what exactly she wanted to do and what her passion was. Nathalie's mother, Maria, became a licensed aesthetician a few years before and was supportive of Nathalie’s decision in changing her career paths.


After having doubts about her career, Nathalie discovered a new passion: skincare. It all started when she subscribed to receive beauty boxes and felt super excited to learn about all the skincare products in terms of fragrance, texture, ingredients, and what skin benefits they provided.

This newfound passion looked very much like a true calling, so she went all in and became a licensed aesthetician. This was a very special year for Nathalie, as she also married the love of her life and got a puppy (Skinblossom’s mascot: Lola). Maria supported Nathalie’s dreams and helped her plan her wedding.


Nathalie and Maria spent quite some time wondering about the perfect daytime & nighttime skincare routine. They started to create their own personalized routines using products that contained some of the most popular ingredients at the time. Since they wanted the benefits of all those popular ingredients combined, they would layer them or mix them to experiment.

They got to thinking: “why doesn’t a combination of all these ingredients in a bottle exist yet? This would make it more potent, effective, and convenient!”

That’s when they realized and decided they wanted to start a skincare line, and just like that, from that ambitious goal, Skinblossom was born. With the goal to create special and unique combinations of popular and effective formulas, and on a mission to make you and your skin happy and healthy.


Skinblossom® became a trademarked company, cruelty-free certified by PETA, and after 2 years of working with a laboratory to develop and perfect their formula, their first product is here and ready to make you feel inspired to start your new skincare journey and achieve your goals. 


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About Our Formulas 

Cruelty Free

We are proud to be a PETA-certified cruelty-free skincare brand, and seek to ensure that all raw materials and services sourced are sustainable and ethically produced. This reflects not only on our love and commitment with our furry friends but also with the whole environment. 

We do not do business with suppliers that harm animals for testing purposes and we request statements from every supplier to ensure that no animal testing has been done to the raw materials. We also do not sell our products where animal testing is required by law. We love our furry friends, always & forever.

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Synthetic or Natural?

We're committed to using high-quality, safe synthetic skin-loving ingredients while also opting for natural alternatives. We believe that creates great balance between both elements by complementing each other, making the formulas more potent and effective.

That's why in some of our products, you will either find retinoids or plant based retinol alternatives and other future products will contain AHA & BHA ingredients, etc. It's all about unique, popular and effective combinations as well as balance.

Clean & Green?

We understand some are conscious about using only clean/green beauty, while others don’t mind if products contain some synthetic ingredients. All of our products that are formulated with only clean/green ingredients will be labeled accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about what you are applying to your skin.

We opt for innovative and safe preservatives. Our products are mostly fragranced by using essential oils, fruit, flower, plant extracts and safe fragrances. We aim to stay away from unsafe artificial fragrances and eventually offer fragrance-free options for those who are sensitive to fragrances.

Our goal is to offer options that will meet everyone's lifestyle habits and preferences.

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